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Heyo. I’m Jako, 23 years old and my pronouns are he/j/they. I like labels! Mine are: non-binary, trans*, transmasc, bigender, bisexual, aromantic, poly, relationship anarchist, ADHD, autistic. I have been active in QC since August 2021. I study psychology on the sideline and currently I am conducting research on discrimination against TI*N people. In my free time I like to do witchy stuff like reading tarot cards, talking to cats, and nurturing houseplants. I love books, especially any by Stephen King. Queer YA makes my heart beat faster as well. Creatively, I go wild with poetry slam lyrics and my attempt at writing a queer fantasy novel. My special interests are psychology, horror, food & cooking, filmography and fashion & beauty.

My name is Lee, I am 27, my pronouns are he/him and I study psychology at OvGU. I am trans*, pan and poly. What should I write about me? I like the sea, have two Ikea sharks and am sometimes creative. Also, I’m almost always happy to meet new people and entertain them with bad puns.


Aloha, I’m Lou, over 20 and you can use pronouns for me as you like to talk about me (I like to do that). Besides being an Awarewolf, I make bad puns full-time, and I’m supposedly studying business informatics on the side. When all that doesn’t completely fill my time, I awkwardly strum guitars near me. I like to entertain myself (and others), so talk to me or I’ll talk to you. :]

E-Mail Service

Heya! I’m Finn, he/him, 22. Besides my work for QC I’m studying psychology in the bachelor at the OvGU. As part of the mail service, I’m the one who probably gets your mail and answers when you write to us – so feel free to do that. Additionally, I’m part of our Awareness-Team at the QC. Apart from that I’m quite a social person and like to spend a lot of time with my friends. And when I do have time alone, I write stories.


Hi, I am Lukas (he/him), 23 years old, asexual and biromantic. At the moment I am studying Computer Visualistics and am responsible for website administration. Apart from this I like playing volleyball or video games, like Zelda, depending on the current season. ✨

Social Media

Hey, I’m Ria, 20 years old and I use all pronouns. I’m studying psychology in the bachelor at the OvGU and I’m responsible for the social media work at the QC as well as keeping the website up-to-date. Apart from that I’m active in the FaRa FNW and the MINDdrop e.V. and in my free time I like to write poems, songs, sing in my punk band “Spezi im Glas” (everyone follow @speziimglas on ig ;)), perform on stages a lot, and meet friends.