Directions and barrier-free access

How do I find your rooms?

The address is Hohepfortestr. 40, 39106 Magdeburg. By train you can best take line 2 and get off at the stop “Universit├Ątsbibliothek”, alternatively you can take line 4 or 6 to the stop “Askanischer Platz”.

Our rooms are located in the student council basement in dormitory 1. To get there, go down the bike ramp on the east side of the building, go through the entrance door to the basement and then walk straight towards the door, which you can quickly recognize from the many stickers. Below you can see a series of pictures to help you find our rooms.

Barrier-free access

Access to our rooms is mostly wheelchair accessible due to the bicycle ramp. At the entrance to our premises there is a small elevation, which can be overcome with assistance if necessary. Our premises provide sufficient seating. All doors (entrance, meeting rooms, kitchen, toilet) must be opened manually and are therefore not barrier-free. The toilets are not or only partly wheelchair accessible, as the cubicles are narrow.